Details of Business

To carry on the business of consultancy and advisory services in the field of management, IT, technical, industrial, personnel and labour, legal and taxation, financial, commercial and investment, capital market, consulting engineers, operational research consultants, computer service, and marketing services, to work through electronic media (internet), technical analysis of data, electronic data processing and to act as consultants, advisors in the fields of technology, merger and acquisition, to trade and invest in precious metals and stones, real estate, to act as trade advisors, brokers, stockiest, commission agents, importers, exporters of textile and all kinds of textile products and any other products, to acquire from time to time and to deal in all kinds of stock in trade, goods, securities and chattels, to act as money monger, borrower in such manner as the Company shall think fit, to engage in dissemination of information in all aspects of business, organization and industry in India and to advice upon the means and methods for extending and developing system or processes relating to production, storage, distribution, marketing and securing of orders for sale of goods in India and abroad and/or relating to the rendering of services of any other business as the Company shall think fit.